City (Daytime) Part 2

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Often referred to as 'The Head' (left) the bronze body part's official title is 'Eros Bendato' (Eros Bound) and is the work of Polish artist Igor Mitoraj, a former student of Tadeusz Kantor at the Krakow School of Art.

An exhibition of fourteen of Mitoraj's works were placed in the Market Square from 17 October 2003 to 25 January 2004, during which the artist gifted this work to the city.

It sparked much controversy over what should be done with it !!

Initially, the sculpture was designated for Plac Kolejowy but the artist was indignant about having his work placed in front of a commercial building (Galeria Krakowska).

Despite protest from historians and many locals the sculpture eventually found its present place near the Town Hall Tower where it has become an unexpected tourist attraction. In summer, children can be seen crawling all over the hollow edifice, sticking their heads and limbs through the eyeholes for camera-snapping parents.

Edited information above with acknowledgement to 'In Your Pocket' guides (www.inyourpocket.com).

Other "activites" to be found in and near the Market Square may seen in the pictures below and would seem to be self-explanatory !

Some of the great architecture of the buildings surrounding Market Square is shown right and below.

At the beginning of the 19th century, the city has decided that a cemetery near the Basilica was to be shut down and made into a public square. Today it is known as Plac Mariacki (The Marian Square).

The Market Square building on the corner of Marian Square is shown below.

There are a large number of restaurants and cafes within, and a short distance from, the Market Square.

Please see also the City at Night section of this website here....

...there are also a number of speciality shops close by.

This is quite special! There appear to be several branches of the Polakowski Restaurant in Krakow. This, seemingly the most popular one, is situated between the Market Square and Wawel Castle and was awarded a Certificate of Excellence in 2014.

The address is 39 Miodowa, Krakow.

If you would like to see - and hear! - its musical menu (English translation), please click here.

An edited excerpt from one of many reviews of this particular restaurant :

"We first spotted this small cafe when we arrived in Krakow. We knew we would have to visit one evening due to the homely feel from outside.

"We were welcomed by a friendly lady behind the counter. She greeted us in Polish, but was quick to understand we were English and began to speak to us in a language we were comfortable with.

"She explained how you ordered and paid at the counter....... She also served complimentary soup to each of us .....

"We were all curious as to what was in each dish. The member of staff was more than happy to explain as best she could in English what they were.

"I chose the cabbage rolls, which I would recommend. The meat was similar to English corned beef and cooked perfectly. The chips I had as a side were freshly cooked and tasted lovely."

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