Fête Part 1

1 : Introduction
2 : City (Day)
3 : City (Night)
4 : Churches
5 : Castle/Cathedral
6 : Fete
7 : Kazimierz and Podgórze

Weekend Fête

In the weekend during our visit to Krakow a large Fête was held on the open space below the Castle and adjacent to the Vistula River.

Examples of the many products, activities and demonstrations available at this extensive event are featured on this and the following page of this website......

Demonstrations of country cooking and arts and crafts are found within the grounds of the fete (left and below).......

     ....with children being encouraged to play a practical part.

A simple but effective hand-making rope machine is being demonstrated, with some of the finished products also on view (above, left and below).

Some country music is also on offer (above, right and below) !

The Wieliczka Salt Mine situated locally is featured in an exhibit at the fête (above and below). A more detailed description and pictures of the mine may be found here.

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